Navid Rachman

 Board of Directors

A teenaged immigrant from Iran after the fall of the Shah, Navid has lived and worked in New York since 1980.  He received his liberal arts education and BA in Computer Science from Queens College of CUNY in 1989.  He has been running his own Computer Consulting and Services corporation for about 20 years serving local small businesses.  His mother suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for most of her adult life, and his father also suffered a stroke late in life.  He and his sister balanced work and life with caregiving duties.  As a result, they became very educated in traversing social, governmental, and medical challenges to secure the best help for our parents.  He feels very fortunate to have had the support of a large loving family and a larger Jewish Persian community, as well as the financial and medical assistance the US and New York governments provided us.  Without that crucial assistance, he would not have made it through those difficult years.  The experience has also brought much respect and understanding of people caught in these challenging situations.  He has several first cousins living with GNE Myopathy, and knows many more in the Mashadi community in New York. He hopes to tap into his relationships with key community members to expand fundraising for NDF towards treatments and to help improve the lives of the people affected by this debilitating disease.