Lalé Welsh

Special Consultant

Lalé Welsh, Special Consultant and previous of NDF C.E.O, was the founder of one the first online advertising agencies during the 1990’s and served as a Silicon Valley executive for 25 years in development and tech-marketing. In addition to being Senior Vice President of Business Development at AT&T (, Allianz, and Monster Worldwide (DMI), she has also served as management consultant to countless other businesses and nonprofits in the U.S.. In 2006, she retired from industry to launch and fund her own foundation, BeyondPersia, dedicated to bridging cultural gaps via the arts. Since then, Lale’ has worked with NGOs and the public benefit sector exclusively as a philanthropist, board member, CEO and consultant to a range of nonprofits related to education, poverty, health, technology, art, and culture, with the goal of applying compliant business practices to maximize their impact. She is currently working on a book that explains why it is more difficult to run a nonprofit than a for-profit business.

You can view Lalé’s LinkedIn profile here.