In the seven years that she served as the Neuromuscular Disease Foundation’s Executive Director/CEO, Lalé’s visionary thinking created exponential growth in every aspect of the organization, expanding NDF from a local non-profit to a global organization it is today.

Lalé’s accomplishments with NDF include spearheading innovative scientific initiatives which are now being implemented across the globe by multiple groups of scientists working on behalf of NDF to find treatments and a cure for GNE myopathy. Her prior business development skills and marketing acumen were critical in NDF’s raising unprecedented financial support in the fight against GNEM during her tenure. Additionally, she is credited with the creation and implementation of education and advocacy programs for patients and caregivers which are now models in the rare disease space.  Her ability to coalesce disparate groups of stakeholders and to navigate complex issues strategically and confidently lead to critical organizational growth and progress. Lalé’s visionary thinking and irrefutable dedication to the community, board, staff, mission, along with her undeterred willingness to do whatever it took to reach the lofty organizational goals that she herself set, have left behind an organization with an executable plan future progress and success.