I am Kyeong Hwa Ryu from South Korea, and I am thirty-six years old. I was diagnosed with GNE Myopathy at the age of thirty-three. Three years ago, after the birth of my son I experienced back pain. An MRI was done which showed abnormalities.  

 Before giving birth to my son, I had no symptoms of GNE Myopathy. After giving birth, my fingers and ankles became weaker, and I continue to suffer from back pain.  

After my diagnosis I started to swim every day to maintain my muscle strength.  I feel much better after swimming. I see my doctors on a regular basis and I hope that someday a new treatment will come.  

My body is slowly becoming weaker however I can still walk, drive, and work. I am working at a tertiary hospital as a doctor specializing in neuroradiology. I love my job and I want to keep doing it. I do not want to think about how this disease will change myself in the future. For today, I am happy with my lovely family, and I hope that new treatments will come soon.