My name is Maya, I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I was diagnosed with GNEM or as previously known as HIBM at the age of 31.

I am blessed to have a supporting family, my husband, and two children. I finished my Ph.D. in Human Genetics in 2012 and, since then I have been working at the Israeli Ministry of Health.

I dislike the words: “disease” or “illness”, I always represent myself as someone who is handling a unique situation in my everyday life while I live with GNEM. This situation made me who I am, it is shaping me into a courageous person, and motivates me to fight harder in life. I believe in sharing, learning, and enhancing communication between GNEM patients. I am doing my best every day to make this happen.

How to contact Maya:

Maya is a part of the GNEM Israel Support Group​ on Facebook

You can e-mail Maya by using the “e-mail” option on the CPA main page