MAC, Smashbox, Bobby Brown, Natasha Danone, jewelry designer Keren Wolf, Oded Kashi, Ada Lazorgen, fashion designer Gershon Bram and other leading lifestyle brands choose Ayelet Rabinovich- Ard for their catalog and advertising photos thanks to their talent and captivating personality. The ambitious photographer’s photographs with the soft and intriguing American accent are always original and high quality with up – to – date styling and a strong design statement. After you see her portfolio, you will want her to do some portrait photography for you. If that happens, you’ll get artistic and exciting shots with Edge and Extra Beauty. What many customers do not know is that behind every photo with a perfect concept, lighting, hair, makeup and styling, there is an extraordinary effort of Rabinovich-Arad.

Thinking of original ideas is not difficult for her. Creativity has been pouring out of her since childhood. The least known part of Rabinovich – Arad’s life is a rare disease that broke out in her life five years ago, after the birth of her two twin sons, and threatens to irreversibly damage her muscles and confine her to a wheelchair. “I was very hesitant to talk about GNE,” she admits. “.

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